Sunday, 15 August 2010

Camping again

We are off to the continent first thing in the morning, camping and heading to Denmark for a family party, and back again after a few days. As usual I shall try to keep some sort of running description going.
For the first time I feel a sort of pre-travel anxiety along with the excitement. I'm a bit of a kid when it comes to camping - it's a thrill.
My only grievance has to do with the breakdown of comms between airbed-makers and tent-makers. In the old days, the air mattresses were made of rubberised cotton and their side walls were concave relative to the thing as a whole. Nowadays, airbeds are made of plastic, with seams at the very corners, so the side walls bulge out. They no longer fit properly into the wonderful tent inners as they are fractionally too big. It makes it almost impossible to put the sheets and bedding into place, and we've found you are more likely to get dampness problems as the whole thing sits too high.
At some point the manufacturers will hear the squeaks and curses from people like me, and adjust the sizes accordingly... it would only take a couple of centimetres to make a massive difference.
Unless anyone happens to have an intact old-style airbed we can use?
Now I am off to pack some tee-shirts, toothbrush, etc. and a party dress for the fest next weekend. Our house sitters are arriving in half an hour.
Why not follow this blog? I'd be pleased to hear from you as we go.
Pray for good weather, and think of us visiting Lubeck and Hamelin en route.

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