Tuesday, 10 May 2011

French supremacy

We had a perfect day. It's about to be marred by frustration with French keyboard layout where a, ., w, numbers, m, and other usual keys are all in the wrong place so typing takes far longer than normal, trying to correct everything.

During the night, Joan's bed had tried to eat her when she got up in the dark - some sort of automatic pillow-lifting thing slipped into action when she inadvertently knocked a switch.

After breakfast we headed along the coast towards Etretat, stopping first at Yport where a pretty little open-topped English Morgan drew an admiring crowd of French Harley riders, and we watched masses of little school children go winkling down on the beach. The tiny row of beqch-huts are very pointy and chic in white, grey and black stripes. The twisty road over the headland to Etretat is just divine... through woods dappled with sunlight, with wild flowers shining in every quarter. (I now know why the French speak with such q strong accent - it's becaquse their keyboards are all zrong:::: I am spending tzice as long as nor,ql trying to type this as I have to correct it every few letters).

Etretat is gorgeous - coffee in the square, visit to a cider shoppe. An Englishman with a very strong northern accent told a tale of woe. He had forgotten to drive on the right and totally mashed his car. He was waiting for a new one to arrive.

Signs along the prom warn against feeding the gulls. We ate plaice at the Corsair Hotel on the seafront, with one cheeky gull trying to get through the glass 'wall' to nick our food. We admired the well-placed repros of some of Monet's beachscapes, comparing them with the present view. The sea was glassy calm, the cliffs magnificent. I wish you could see the rubbish unfolding fro, ,y fingers qs I try to touchtype. Aaaaaghhh.

On then to Honfleur, which must be one of the prettiest places on the planet. From a campaiogning point of view, I want to bring all our local councillors to this little medieval port to see what could be achieved with a swingbridge, some pretty boats and cafes etc along the waterside. Fantastic.

We have just eaten a crab salad for supper. Simple, stone-age and perfect. I cannot stand to type here qny ,ore; I zill do it on ,y Liniux ,qchine to,orroz qnd trqnsfer using q flqsh cqrd:

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