Sunday, 15 April 2012


We're off to the west tomorrow morning. First calling in to see our friend Watty at his bed and breakfast place at Ramsbury, then to Plymouth for a couple of nights. On Tuesday we're going to a wedding. The bride is Judith Elliman, the only daughter of my schoolfriend Alyson. Alyson and I were in the British Museum a few months ago, when she told me about this lovely news and she said she wondered what she might read to the guests. I asked if I should write something for her, and not long later sent her something, which I am pleased to tell you moved her very much - she cried. I knew her mother very well, and was thinking about this 'chain' of mothers and daughters, and music and time. Anyway, not long ago she rang and said she'd realised she could have 'the horse's mouth' at the wedding (me!) and would I like to go? Of course I am thrilled we are going, even though I haven't really seen Judith since she was a little girl, and although the weather forecast is not terribly brilliant I am really looking forward to it. We'll be heading up the Wye Valley afterwards, to Hereford and then to Shropshire, to stay with other friends, of which more anon. I am not AT ALL ready for this trip, nothing packed, haven't even decided what to wear for the great day. This is because work has been totally overwhelming and the weather has been so variable (hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, calm.....). Now it's nearly 10pm and I shall have to get up early and pack and do all that stuff. Oh for a Jeeves. 'Your cases are all in the car, madame. I put a flask into the car for you, and some fruit, for your journey....' Nothing so elegant for me. It'll be a bit of a rush! Heigh ho! Westward ho!

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