Friday, 10 January 2014


A quick midwinter break to find some sun and warmth - though, to be fair, between the flooding rainstorms at home, we have had some brilliantly sunny days. Anyway,  here we are - it's lovely and warm, and the trees and flowers are radiantly, expansively welcoming.
The best bit so far was waiting for our luggage at the airport.  The indicator board told us which carousel to go to, but the overhead signs at that carousel told lies - saying the luggage was coming from Manchester and Birmingham. It took a very long time to arrive.  We thought, they have about six arrivals an hour here, but it seemed very difficult for them to get the luggage up to us.
The carousel launched into life, churned round with nothing on it for 20 minutes or so, then stopped,
A while later, it started again and when it finally began to disgorge a few pushchairs and cases, that proved too much for it. It jammed, stopped.
In the end, an heroic work clambered up through the suitcase arsehole, wielding a big poky stick, with which he attacked various parts of the travelator or the luggage itself. It was like a giant mechanical bullfight.
Eventually, through sheer brute force, he got it all going and the patient English holidaymakers got their bags.
We are staying at the very same timeshare place we came to with the children some 15 years ago. The architecture is fantastic. The furnishings are glamorous and classy. The clientele is decidedly more down-market than it used to be.  But, we sought out the little eating-harbour we liked so much last time (Los Abrigos) and had a very nice fish supper while the dusk turned to night.
Now, after a battle with Google to get into Blogger, we're winding down.  More anon.

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