Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Can they fake squid?

We went for lunch to the windswept cafe by the coastal cement works, thinking it seemed so workaday and honest. We had to take a ticket for the queue. We admired the display of family history explaining how the resto had prospered since the 1950s, complete with dashing photos of the main cast, and we finally got a seat near where we had sat on the first morning here. A cat crept down to watch the waves. The wind had died down. The plastic wind-shields were all packed away. The place was packed. 
Now, I am prepared to learn and even accept that epicures have pronounced that the paella in this joint is renowned for its authenticity, but I just wonder if someone, somewhere in this land of 10,000,000 restaurants has invented a way of extruding rings of 'squid' to put into mish-mashes like this? Such rings could be battered and deep-fried too, of course. They need have no taste, and no tendency to toughness.
I just wonder......

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