Friday, 28 August 2015

Mastering your fears

Travel is also about facing your fears. The unknown. Things you avoid at home, you must do to survive on your journey.
I fear falling from the little gangplank leading to and from our boat - my balance is shaky, I feel a fool. I am pathetically grateful for a steady hand to get me ashore or back in board.
I am convinced the 'rubber duck' will deflate or split while we are halfway across the huge bay, getting into town from our anchorage, or back after supper.
I am scared I will be sick, or tumble, or fail in some way. I fear a huge shark will come and get me when I swim in these clear waters.
All these are chimeras... It has all gone brilliantly.
I need fear nothing.
What is that fear?
What does it do to me? How does it press into my mind?
Ah - travel is good. I learn all these things.

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