Monday, 5 November 2012

No wifi in the flat

Adventure! The minute we got on the metro in Rome, Andrew was pickpocketed and lost one of his wallets. He went after the suspect, but of course the man pointed elsewhere and said 'Zingaro!' meaning 'Gypsy'..... It was so fast. Really slick. Luckily it was just cards, and no cash. I spent 20 mins on the phone when we got  to our rendezvous with  the landlord - cancelling all the cards, and hereby give PROFOUND thanks to our super-efficient son who rang all the banks and done the biz.

We waited ages for the landlord  to arrive, watching the black  handbag sellers, deafened by the police sirens which seem to start  up every 5 minutes  (all  those pickpockets to chase after, I expect). The  police love to run processions through the  streets  at top speed, with motorbike outriders and buses full  of smartly-dressed men being hustled through the traffic. Who are they? Footballers? Politicians? Pimps?

Our flat is on the 7th floor, not far from the Vatican, balconies back and front, and charmingly meagrely furnished. Clean and comfortable.  No hairdryer, no cheese-grater, no kettle, otherwise very good.  We walked to St Peter's and stood amazed in the  rain, and  we went to a local supermercado and bought pasta  and stuff, and made supper when we got back.

I have got toothache - broken tooth - aaagh - I rang the insurance just now and I'm covered for treatment but now I have to find a dentist. Oil of cloves is not bad as a temporary pain-killer.

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