Friday, 9 November 2012

Work starts today

Just on our way down through Rome towards the conference centre. Stopped for a delicious coffee at a v stylish place called 2Periodico, where they have wifi, hence this quick post. Sunny morning. We are in light clothing, most of the locals are in thick autumnal jackets etc.
A man on the bus this morning was very OCD, polishing his mobile phone over and over again.
Andrew courteously gave his seat up for a tiny nun who beamed at him, really beamed.
It's been a great week, even counting the terrible toothache and nausea which afflicted me. With the help of the nice Dr Rivabella, my gums are nearly back to normal and no pain.
We emptied the flat ok - took the rubbish out, packed everything up.  It was a pretty good place to stay apart from having no wifi and no hairdryer, but in a nice district surrounded by DENTISTS!!!!!
In an hour or so, we'll be immersed in the world of JuicePlus+

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