Saturday, 23 March 2013

Conference and then bad news...

Very little equates to the experience of being in a room with 5000 other people all cheering and applauding and being happy. The new CEO of our company is pouring thousands - millions - of euros into new incentive schemes and analysis - it's a new vigorous attitude and very welcome.  People are loving it.

This picture taken from the back of the hall barely describes the set-up... the tall object on the people horizon is a tall camera, about halfway down the central corridor.  The stage is almost out of sight. It's really extraordinary.  We have been having an intense but very positive time. Last night, the hotel wifi didn't work, so I couldn't post anything... time is whizzing past.  We have have some nice meals, cold walks to and from the bus stop, jolly meetings with friends, new encounters with other distributors from the other countries, cheers when they hand out free cars (20 Smart cars to be given away this weekend), and lots of note-taking.  We've decided to stay one more night here as the meetings are running on later than we thought tomorrow.


We have just had a truly dreadful piece of news - a friend is desperately ill in hospital back at home, 'very little hope', we are told. She is - what? - in her 50s, and has had a history of lung problems and breathing difficulties - all underpinned by medicine and the best the doctors can do.  Quite apart from the shock of hearing she is so ill, and the unbelievableness of it, the contrast with what we have been focussing on these last 2 days is all the more stark.  In the hall here, with all these thousands of people, there are NO coughs. People have commented on it.  People are - well.

I tried at various times to interest my lovely friend in this philosophy - fruits and vegetables taken in supplement to the normal diet - but she always said no.  Now I hear of this dreadful turn - she may be dying as I write.  I want to cry. I am crying.  I want to wind back time. I want to somehow, somehow, persuade her to try this, see what it can do.  Here we are in Munich, with all these people who are convinced that it is possible for us all to live a healthy life, not forever, obviously, but with profound benefits for each cell in the body. We are uplifted to see how much scientific understanding has come from the research our company has undertaken over 20 years or more.  We believe it.  My friend did not, and now she is in the utmost peril. I wish I could just hug her, be with her.  It is dreadful.

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