Sunday, 24 March 2013

Grand piano in the main drag

The conference is over! Terrific atmosphere - we loved the talk from Jolly Kanjappu who had us all rockin' and a rollin' and laughing too - such a nice man! A kind of saddhu, I guess, who feels the whole planet is his home.
He was particularly amusing talking about how he got to play drums with the Stones on 'Its' only rock'n'roll but I like it'...  He's a terrific drummer, by the way.
If you ever have the chance to hear him talk, grab it!
It's a bit sad when everyone disperses but of course there are planes to catch and so on... I cannot think of another company where there is such a strong family feel. You could leave any valuables on your chair in the hall, and come back later and they'd all still be there.  Just a strong, ethical, group atmosphere. It's not really about the money. The people behind the company have this powerful motivation to reach as many people as they can, to bring them better health and the chance to be truly independent. The whole thing is going to go like a rocket, starting now.
If YOU want to be part of it, see what you can do, please just ask me.
Our little group decided to go into Munich for a wander round - three of us caught the train and then spent a couple of hours in the city centre. It's quite a dedicatedly religious area with Virgin Mary statues built onto the street corners, and all the main shops closed because it's Sunday, but the main streets were filled with people - families, couples, elegant for the most part.  I saw a spectacularly lonely-looking lady-boy, tall, blonde wig, immaculate clothes, nails, boots, make-up... but with a kind of unsuppressable stubble and huge chin. S/he walked solemnly and steadily along the road, looking at no-one, going where?
There was a gypsy band - cello, mouth-organ, violin, two accordions - wild music and a big crowd gathered round their 'stage' in a shop doorway.  The wind was bitterly cold but the music was hot!
And there was a trio who nurtured a glossy black grand piano - wheeling it out of the wind - but we missed their music.. they had just stopped.
We had a coffee in a crowded place, and wicked wicked cakes - delicious. There you needed a token to get into the loos upstairs - and had to go through a turnstile - but, oops, for the second time in Munich I found that despite the grandeur of the establishment, they don't supply loo paper. Not good.
We heard and watched a very slow glockenspiel of bells at the Rathaus - that gathered a really big crowd in the cold square beneath. It was easy to fantasise how people amused themselves before television.....
Then 'home' on the swift smooth train back to this suburb of Riem and our little hotel. It's a franchise.  The man in charge was born in Delhi, specialised in banquet management, worked in 5-star hotels across America and Germany, realised that the future lies in budget hotels and switched to this sector.  He was telling us about how he has to recruit, train and keep his staff (average stay 2 years).... and how the whole business works.
Actually, looking at the beautiful shops in Munich - antiques, clothes, garden stuff, modern furnishings, kitchen stuff, etc etc ... I suddenly saw a marvellous wig shop. What a great business to be in! Helping people feel and look good, lots of designs, long shelf-life, mail-order possibilities, men and women could all be set up with lustrous locks and a new image. I will think about it. The only wig shop I've ever been in is a department in Selfridges, sustained by lots of orthodox Jewish ladies from NW London who can pop down on the bus.
It's been a good visit. We'll just hope the garage across the road can jumpstart the car in the morning... then we'll be off towards the west.

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