Tuesday, 17 September 2013


We are established in the house rented by our friends here in Pontedeume in Galicia. They don't want any publicity for the place, which is understandable because it's pretty idyllic and with very few Brits.  Actually access to wifi is only down the road, and we are drenched in hospitality - so I have not been writing much. Iwill catch up with it all shortly.
This bulletin is just to report that all is well. The landscape is gorgeous - complex mountainous ranges and coastal inlets, with native forest sadly invaded by eucalyptus. The towns & villages have a  degree of self-sustenance so the worst of the recession has not bitten too deeply so far. The food is utterly stupendous... We stagger from feast to feast.
At this moment, waiting for my birthday celebrations to begin, we are drinking the local white Albarino wine with tapas. Lunch will start at 3. Dinner will start at 9pm with singing by the locsl group - who we heard last in Faversham parish church. I should say we went up into the hills this morning in search of a waterfall on the river Belelle. Andrew saw it but I chickened out to protect the thongs of sandals. But the views in the forest were soft and seemingly timeless.
I'm writing this on my iPhone, so will stop now to return to 3D life and sociability.

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