Monday, 9 September 2013

Eurostar to Paris, then the night train to Madrid

Tomorrow we go to Paris on the Eurostar, arrive around lunchtime, head for Austerlitz, then catch the night train to Madrid. Someone told us, the first-class service on this romantic train is ending this year, so we thought we'd try it out while it's still there.

Do we go by train from Faversham to Ebbsfleet or get a cab up to the international station? Train I think even though there's a longish time to wait. Maybe we can grab a delicious British Rail sandwich bap while we wait. Talking of which, I do recommend Waitrose's own-brand all-butter croissants which you can heat up at home - vair vair nice indeed. 

(Huh? I thought I was supposed to be cutting down on gluten! Bah!)

I've tried really hard to reduce the amount of stuff I pack. It's all in one small haul-along bag, and I have a bumbag too, for when we get to naughty old Spain. We're heading for to Pontedeume near a Coruna in Galicia, via this place or that, staying with some friends who have spare space in their rented holiday house. They are foodies too which is another big attraction.... in fact, John has had his own restaurant and is a wicked cook.

All day I've been panicking as usual about what to pack - mostly been wrestling with electronics and trying to get set up as we are taking only the minimum of comms gadgets. ...  Let's hope it all works.

Please do leave comments if you have any remarks to make or suggestions about what we can see and do while we're there.  I'll try to make it controversial if I can.   Too tired now, signing off.

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