Saturday, 6 November 2010


Flight smooth, once again sushi as the onboard meal is brilliant, bought from Boots again though people recommend M&S. How peculiar it is to be whizzing along at 37,000 feet. Everyone acts so normal, reading books, drinking wine, dozing, etc. but it´s so abnormal.
The new Palma airport is gorgeous, last time I was here we were in the old airport and this is a gleaming marble pavillion. We were picked up in Birgit´s Lexus, and so far we have been whisked from one wondrous experience to another. Last night we sat on the terrace and watched the dusk fall as specks of fire cruised across the sky, transforming into aircraft heading into the island. We walked around the rich rich port of Portals, with dozens and dozens of vast white plastic yachts bobbing on their moorings... Three million euros per mooring and the contract lasts only 18 years. It´s all about conspicuous display, but it made me think of small penises, and of course the smart money went into building the jetty and renting out the space.
Supper in a dockside cafe, warmed with a flame inside an awning-clad terrace lined with dead twigs. Ah well, that´s interior design for you.
Today we have been touring round a bit, up to Valdemosso to see George Sands´ and Chopin´s lodgings in the old Charterhouse... stunning place though of course they had a miserable time there. You can still buy or rent an apartment there, with a terrace and garden looking out over an exquisite antique scene - tiny valley with the sound of sheep bells, and birds in the woods, and the fields and terraces with olives.
Then past Deia to Soller, and back through the tunnel to the house and some training.... tea is waiting for me on the terrace and I cannot stay at the desk any longer. More later if I can.
It is warm and sunny and quiet and calm.

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