Friday, 5 November 2010

Off to Majorca

Lucky me, I'm booked in for some training with one of the top people in my company, so we're flying to her villa in Majorca for the weekend. This time I am trying to take a real minimum of kit to wear...I always end up taking too much.

We had such a warm day yesterday I was very grateful... I find it almost impossible to summon up ideas about warm weather clothing when it's cold outside, but the summery conditions put me in the right mood.

Andrew is dropping me off at Ashford in a few moments and I will meet up with some of the others who are going. The radio has had such interesting programmes this morning: Hislop on Lord Kitchener's Image, then How to live frugally. It's not clear to me whether all my gadding about this year is frugal or not. We have done it on the cheap, I suppose, but it feels very flighty and luxy. I love it!

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