Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tim Emmett

A fellow trainee here is Tim Emmett, climber extraordinaire, the sort of guy who throws himself off buildings and precipices, uses wing suits, does stunts with tiny parachutes of high-rise structures... he was doing press-ups and pull-ups this morning by the pool, makes my little regime of steps and sit-ups look pretty miniscule. Tant pis. You should definitely check out his website I think it is. Or google him. Another Juice Plus+ devotee of course... he has been eating it for 12 years.
The whole thing is very exciting... whether or not you are involved in this business, you could just take note. It´s all about to kick off... expanding into new territories, an avalanche of new research coming out, sales soaring and the new team structures growing by the thousand. Staying at a multi-millionaire villa tends to consolidate the feeling of excitement and confidence.
The flight home this afternoon is a bit difficult to pin down. Easyjet says it´s distrupted but the details look the same online. We may be staying longer than planned, but if so, good!

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