Monday, 3 September 2012

Filling in some details

Why is queuing so tiring? Why does Easyjet not allow you to check in when you arrive? We got there early and ended up in a 70 minute queue which developed while we were waiting to be allowed to queue....  Grrrr.

Met friends from Faversham inside the 'Paradise' beyond the security scanners... first time that's ever happened.

Flight good - we are getting this down to a fine art... Buy your picnic from Boots in the airport, the sushi is a very good option btw.  No gluten, delicious, no mess. Sit near the back - quieter, and smaller queues for the loos, for some reason.

Zagreb - ah! This is Tintin land - I mean, the look of the place reminds me of the settings in Eastern Europe which I pored over as a child, following the amazing adventures of the young journalist as he chased spies and other villains.  Big Victorian facades, avenues, parks, etc.  Very helpful people who conferred about where we should stay... recommending the very excellent Hotel Centar, near the train station (we had arrived by bus from the airport). So we got a tram (Andrew in heaven), didn't pay because no shops open to sell us tickets.  Hotel very good and recommended. The breakfast next day was terrific.

Walked about - went into the Cathedral where they were in the middle of Mass - the place was packed out, lovely singing, lots of very devout people.   A drink, a meal, wandering around, getting our tram tickets at the station ready for morning departure.....  Excellent place.

The bus to Plitvice yesterday was quiet and comfortable - an hour through the suburbs and plains and then up into the hills...misty twisty.  They say there are bears and wolves up here...maybe not v visible from tourist hotels and pathways. The hotel here would not let us eat outside on the pretty terrace (is it subject to attack by bears?). 

We took the land-train up to the upper lakes - a huge Mercedes tractor-bus pulling two other carriages, but something was surely wrong, the gears were grinding away as if the brakes were on.    Then we walked down - miles and miles of wooden causeway around the dozens of crystal-clear lakes, this causeway is really an amazing structure - made me think of Flag Fen near Peterborough - but this one took two hours to walk.  Easy to stumble, and no hand-rails. How I love it with no health and safety features. It's like the old days. This is an amazing place, well worth the effort to get here, and everyone should do it.... the walk round the lake is not for anyone with poor eyesight or mobility. Actually, access for disabled here is pretty terrible.  We saw two families with buggies going the route - bonkers.

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