Monday, 3 September 2012


Internet access problems prompts v short posting. We like Zagreb - spacious parks, pretty bandstand, radiant cathedral, friendly atmosphere. The Hotel Centar is marvellous, cheap, clean, central, with excellent service and full breakfast.     A very nice old steam engine is on display outside the railway station.
We made it to the bus station this morning, a helpful old lady (local but lived last 45 years in  Australia) made sure we were on the right bus.
2 hours brought us to the National Park - where there are still bears and wolves. We checked into the functional and pretentious but practical Hotel Jezero - had to wait for room, couldn't have lunch on terrace, two different kinds of risotto - shellfish and mushroom - both had copious quantities of the SAME gravy poured on top, urgh...
BUT we strolled into the park, had a delicious ice cream, rode on the 'train'  up winding roads to the top of the lakes and then walked down MILES of wooden causeway-footpath to see lots of waterfalls and lakes (enough).
Supper back at the Jezero was - what? I sent mine back - haven't done that for 40 years - waiter v sweet but it was all pretty horrible.  V tired, off to sleep now.
Down to Zadar in the morning.

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