Friday, 7 September 2012

The real deal

Writing on Friday night, reporting on Thursday and Friday as well.
Six hours voyage out of Preko - mostly with diesel but with some wonderful sailing when the wind co-operated (not dead on the nose). I slept for some of it, looked for dolphins, pondered on my sailing life as a human cushion (totally inactive as a crew member), and enjoying the beauty of the scene.
We saw a huge storm gathering over Italy, and brilliant planning ducked straight into Prvic - one of the sweetest, prettiest, most conveniently placed islands in the Adriatic.
We moored up without difficulty, walked along to Sepurine (swoony nice), and back again.
Met some Australians along the way who were on a swimming holiday - breast-stroking from island to island, with their luggage carted along for them, and B&B catering which they loved
Today (compressing the story due to annoying computer buggery), we went from to see the inland lakes and waterfalls at Skradin - via a kind of fjord - and eventually at a monastery on an island - v beautiful but with execrable art - one is left almost speechless.
Supper tonight ended with delicious rose-water flavoured brandy - not much to be said for the rest of the meal which was cheap but boring - not even worth sending back.

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