Tuesday, 4 September 2012

You know what its' like

I am seizing any chance to post - but this opportunity is only a little window....
We are now on the Lady Olivia, our friends' beautiful yacht, anchored in the marina at Preko on the island of Uglian, off Zadar, on the north Croatian coast.  It is unbelievably beautiful.
We had a smooth bus journey down from the forest fastnesses of Plitvice this morning, on a cheeky private coach service which arrived shortly before the scheduled bus - a bit quicker, a bit smaller, a bit whizzier.....   All good, apart from the passengers who insisted on having the curtains closed (to keep the intermittent sunshine out), but thus obscuring the spectacular views of our journey down from the heights.
Please, if you have a chance, make this journey. It's cheap, easy, and wonderful.
We got to Zadar, met up with our friends, rushed inside to shelter from a massive rainstorm which hit (thank GOD we were not on the boat at this time)... Had lunch, mooched, visited some churches and shops, bought a drain-scouring implement to help clear the heads on the visitors' cubicle (:-(   )    We went to see the famous sea-organ on the quay - invisible but creating magic soft noises as waves hit the pier... like a huge harmonica, and with little children lying on the white marble paving shouting back into the cavernous spaces beneath and hearing their calls magnified and echoing back. Delightful.
The ferry out to the island is like a mini version of the Dover-Calais but ro-ro, and quiet and smooth and magic.
We just walked round to the marina, and here we are.  All of them (3) can pee during the night without much trouble, our hosts in their heads and A over the side.  I, if needs be, must walk thousands of yards round to the marina toilets..... Poor me.  Tomorrow the guys will try to unblock the lav in the guest heads.
I will just add this.  This morning, before we left the hotel in Plitvice, we saw on CNN news a weather forecast with a HUGE storm over Italy - massive, with tornadoes.......   coming over Italy and heading for where we are.   Truly, a big hurricane shaped depression. I should have photographed the screen.   It is coming this way. I have mentioned it to our hosts, and they are looking at the maritime forecasts.... but, at this moment, on this idyllic boat on this idyllic evening, I am WORRIED.  I can't pee in the night, and I will be in a huge storm tomorrow.  
But, you know, it's ok.  I can do nothing about any of these things. The air is warm. The sea at present is glassy calm. The supper is cooking.   The view is spectacular.   Really, truly, stunningly beautiful. Ancient. Wild. Wide. Soft.  Hard.  Mysterious.  Fantastic.

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