Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Food things

Fact: in Zagreb, I lost a filling (privately paid for just a few weeks ago, very expensive), while I was eating SCRAMBLED EGGS.
Fact: I have not sent a plate of food back to a restaurant kitchen for about 40 years - not my style - but in the last 3 days I have sent three dishes of food back. In Plitvice, my crisply grilled trout was accompanied by cold soggy chips - I sent it back, and the plate returned from the microwave, with hot soggy chips and dried soggy trout.  I refused to say how pleased I was, so they cooked me another one.
In Zadar, in a very nice resto near the Five Wells, where the others in my party had delicious food, my octopus salad was bland and a bit off - I did not eat it, the waiter enquired, so I told the truth..... only to be told that the chef said it was all fresh......
At lunch yesterday, I ordered sepia risotto and was brought shellfish - I sent it back, encouraged by the others (three complaints in a row).... the sepia, when it finally arrived, was wonderful.
The garden and field crops here have all suffered from drought and extreme heat this summer. Many people have no tomatoes (though the grapes and figs look pretty good). I think we will have riots based on expensive food prices this next year.... the harvests in America and Russia came to nothing. All the big revolutionary periods in history, I am told, were preceded by food shortages.
Today we are off south....

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  1. We are supposed to be five meals away from revolution